• Youth Leader Exchange

    EXCHANGE Mentorship program: Mentorship for youth pastors and youth leaders:

    *First one or two years in Ministry

    *New to the district

    *New youth pastor job out of college

    *New to being a youth pastor A Youth Pastor who feels a need to be mentored

    4 Quarterly Meetings with the DYD.  Each meeting they would discuss the book and have guest speakers and/or conference calls from various speakers and leaders on various subject that we would train on.  Throughout the year at events (youth convention, camp, etc) the DYD may have separate times, or lunches with the group, give an opportunity for the speaker to meet and talk to them. The last meeting the DYD and his spouse has a dinner for the youth pastors and their spouses.

    Download Exchange Infromation form HERE

    Please Note: It could take up to 3 weeks in order to process your application and to be informed if you are accepted as part of the program. Please be patient. If you have any question please contact the AYM office HERE.